Mastering OSRS Exchange: Your Path to Becoming a Flipping Master in Old School RuneScape

    Posted: Jan 9, 2024

    Welcome to the fast-paced and profitable realm of flipping in Old School RuneScape! Are you eager to enhance your in-game wealth quickly and efficiently through the Grand Exchange? You've come to the perfect place. This guide is specially designed for those who want to jump straight into flipping, offering a straightforward approach to using OSRS Exchange for immediate results. We'll cover essential basics and answer frequently asked questions to get you flipping and profiting as soon as possible.

    The Item Table: Your Gateway to Profit

    The item table on OSRS Exchange is your compass in the vast sea of the Grand Exchange. It is designed to help you pinpoint the most lucrative items for flipping in real-time. With our intuitive Table Settings, you can effortlessly navigate through a variety of useful presets or tailor the filters and columns to fit your specific flipping strategy.

    OSRS Exchange Item Table


    • Buy Price: The latest price an item was instantly purchased at. Sell your flips just below the buy price. Buy price may also be referred to as the instabuy, ask or offer price.
    • Sell Price: The latest price an item was instantly sold at. Purchase your flips just above the sell price. Sell price may also be referred to as the instasell or bid price.
    • Profit: The profit from flipping a single unit of a given item. The profit shown automatically takes the GE tax into account! This includes the 100gp minimum item value, the 5 million gp cap on tax, and the list of tax exempt items. Flip confidently knowing that the profit displayed is the profit you can expect to earn. The calculation for profit is as follows: Profit = Buy Price - Sell Price - Tax
    • ROI: The Return on Investment from flipping a given item. Think of this as the efficiency of the flip. Just like the profit column, ROI uses tax in its calculation. The calculation for ROI is as follows: ROI = (Profit / Sell Price) x 100
    • Daily Volume: The average number of units bought and sold per day. We can use this value to inform us of the liquidity of an item, or how quickly we will be able to buy and sell it. Items with higher daily volume tend to buy and sell quicker than those with lower daily volume.
    • Limit: The maximum quantity you can purchase of a given item. This limit resets every 4 hours.
    • Potential Profit: The profit you can expect to receive if you flip the full limit of a given item. The calculation for potential profit is as follows: Potential Profit = Profit x Limit
    • High Alch & Low Alch Profit: The profit that can be gained from alchemy, taking into account nature rune cost. The calculation for alchemy profit is as follows: Alch Profit = Alch Value - Sell Price - Nature Rune Price
    • Inline Charts: Click the expand icon to view timeseries data for any given item inline in the table. Read on to learn how to interpret price and volume charts.
    • Row Pinning: Pin your active flips, or other items you'd like to keep a watchful eye on.
    • Favorites: Star your favorite items to view them in the favorites view.

    Table Settings

    Mastering the Table Settings in OSRS Exchange is key to optimizing your flipping strategy. This feature provides a customizable approach, allowing you to refine the item table to best suit your specific flipping needs. Here's how to use it effectively:

    1. Presets for Flipping Styles: Various presets are available, each tailored to a particular flipping style. These presets automatically configure the table to highlight the most relevant items for the chosen strategy, whether you're interested in High Alch Profit, F2P Items, or High Volume Profit. Selecting a preset instantly adjusts the table to display items that best fit the selected style. If you find your filters have become super jumbled, you can always reset them to the default settings by selecting the "All Items" preset.

      Item Table Presets
    2. Filters for Precision: Filters are your tools for fine-tuning the items displayed in the table. They allow you to specify the parameters of the items you're interested in, based on your flipping preferences and goals. You can set filters for a wide range of columns, including:

      Item Table Filters
    • Buy Price and Sell Price: Filter items based on their buying and selling prices in the market. This is a good way to limit the items to those within your price range.
    • Daily Volume: Focus on items with a specific trading volume per day. This can be helpful for finding high volume flips, or filtering out extremely low volume items such as 3rd age.
    • ROI, Profit, and Potential Profit: Target items based on their return on investment, profit per unit, and potential profit from flipping the full limit.
    • Margin and Tax: Adjust to see items with certain profit margins and tax implications.
    • High Alch and Low Alch (including Profit): Find items with specific alchemy values and the profit associated with high and low alchemy.
    • Limit: Focus on items with a particular buy limit.
    • Value: Filter items based on their shop value.
    • ID: Narrow down items using their specific ID in the game.

    For each of these filters, you have the option to set minimum and maximum values, allowing you to hone in on items that meet your exact criteria. This level of customization ensures that you're only seeing the items that are most relevant to your flipping strategy, making your time on the Grand Exchange more efficient and profitable. With the Table Settings feature of OSRS Exchange, you have the power to tailor the item table to your specific needs, leading to more informed and successful flips.

    Navigating Price and Volume Charts

    Experience the advantage of real-time Price and Volume charts available to all users on OSRS Exchange. These charts present detailed timeseries data across various intervals, offering a snapshot of market trends and transaction averages. Utilize these insights to refine your flipping strategies, keeping in mind that the latest chart price reflects the average of all trades in a selected interval and may not match the precise offer price on the Grand Exchange. For the most accurate buy and sell prices, refer to the item table or individual item pages.

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    Twisted Bow

    Twisted Bow


    Flipping in OSRS is a blend of patience, analytical skills, and strategic planning. By leveraging the tools and insights provided by OSRS Exchange, you can enhance your decision-making and grow your in-game wealth effectively. Start with manageable flips, gradually build your expertise, and watch as your flipping skills—and profits—reach new heights. Happy flipping!